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Customer reviews
     I hired Cleaning Firm West Hampstead a couple of days ago for a complete clean of my studio apartment. Cleaning a small place can be actually more difficult than you think with all those nooks and crannies. However, the cleaning lady was very diligent and professional, leaving my flat spotless. Absolutely worth the price!
Eddie Marshall21/07/2016
     I needed my bathroom cleaned after some renovation work. I used Cleaners West Hampstead and they were brilliant. They really worked hard on getting the tiled floors and walls looking clean and free of dirt. The appliances were all thoroughly cleaned and the result was wonderful. I was pleased with the entire job and cost.
Laura Ross14/07/2015
     They were a really good cleaning team to work with! The two people cleaning crew arrived on time and helped me get everything around the house cleaned. They even accommodated some special requests that I was keen on getting done! The staff was very polite and efficient, also being very careful while moving around the house. They are clearly a company that values good service and customer satisfaction and I couldn't have asked for more. Thanks for the wonderful cleaning job!
Bobby H.18/02/2015
     WestHampsteadCleaners have done an amazing job on my home and I just had to write a review to express just how fantastic this service is. I needed my home to look perfectly clean for a party I was throwing, but I just didn't have the time. I hired this company's one off cleaning service and wasn't just impressed with the efficient and thorough cleaning staff, but with the price of the service too! High-quality, professional cleaning for affordable prices. I'll be hiring again!
Emma B.29/01/2015
     Since I study and work through university, I hardly get time to clean my flat. I had been looking for a cleaning company for a long time, but most companies I looked at were too expensive for a student budget. A friend suggested WestHampsteadCleaners to me and I thought about giving them a try. I am so glad I did! Their services were extremely affordable but that didn't mean that there services suffered. The cleaner did a wonderful job in my house and it was so thorough that my home was smelling fresh for a long time.
Rene H.04/12/2014
     I was recommended WestHampsteadCleaners by a neighbour. I have only been using the company for a few weeks but already wonder how I ever managed without them! As a dog owner, I was finding it difficult to keep on top of cleaning, especially with all the dog hairs, I can never seem to get rid of all of them. I am delighted with the service that I get from my cleaner, my house always smells so clean and fresh after she has been. I will definitely continue to use the company for my cleaning for the foreseeable future. Thanks!
Georgina F.14/11/2014
     A first-rate cleaning company! WestHampsteadCleaners have impressed me - and continue to do so! - so much that I don't call any other cleaners these days. My premises has so many old style wood fixtures, places for dust, old chairs and the likes, that it's bit of a nightmare to clean every day. A lot of the cleaners I've had just don't have the time and energy to get around everything. But now with yourselves I'm pretty much shocked at how good your people are. I don't always get the same cleaner, but every single one that you send is top rate and I can't fault them at all! Thank you!
     I was worried that my upholstery was not clean enough and so I contacted WestHampsteadCleaners and asked for their advice. They gave me a great price and sent a cleaner who got to work immediately on the stubborn stains and ground in dirt that were spoiling my upholstery. I was very impressed with the work and so now I will use them every single time I need cleaning work done in the future. It is the best cleaning service I have yet used and I recommend giving them a call right away.
Emily B.09/10/2014
     I can only say that WestHampsteadCleaners is synonymous with professionalism. I booked in for a wood floor shine service and I must admit, I have never been more impressed. The whole house looks better for it, and the kids love the new wood floor smell. My friends can't believe that all I did was hire a cleaner to polish and clean the floors, we are all so grateful, thank you!
Andrew J.04/09/2014
     I can't stand it when my home is anything other than perfectly clean, and since I started hiring with WestHampsteadCleaners, that's always been the case! I've never had the cleaning skill to bring my home's cleanliness up to anything like this sort of standard, but with this company on board, I never have to worry ever again! All of my surfaces have been brought up to a mirror shine, all of the carpets look and smell like they're new, and best of all - it cost me very little money! A fantastic job all around, thank you very much.
     I had my own business, and my office was getting so behind with the cleaning as I couldn't spare any staff member to do the general cleaning. A friend suggested I use WestHampsteadCleaners a local commercial cleaning company who offered some affordable cleaning packages. I ordered a general office clean to cover the small bathroom and kitchen, and the office area dusting, and vacuuming and emptying bins. The cleaner arrived on time and did a great job. We arranged for the cleaning after work, so as to cause the least disturbances. The work I had done was excellent. I will be using them weekly now.
Arleen Florence24/07/2014
     Moving house is supposed to be the most stressful thing a person can do, and this was definitely true of my house move! I needed a professional cleaner who could get rid of the stains and marks of our student house so they we could all get our deposits back! I called WestHampsteadCleaners after hearing good things about them and they were really fast and professional. The house looked cleaner than it did when we first moved in by the time she'd finished, and we had no problems getting our deposits back! I'll absolutely be calling this company again!
Marc D.08/07/2014
     I worked long hours as a sales rep and was on the road a lot. When I did get home I didn't want the bother of the cleaning. My mum recommended I try hiring a professional company to deal with the house work. I contacted a local firm called WestHampsteadCleaners, who were helpful and helped sort a service to suit my budget. I had a limited budget, but the staff arranged a general weekly clean that would see the place cleaned. The cleaning girls were chatty and polite, and worked hard. The end result was great; they really did a wonderful job.
Alan Mason12/06/2014
     My home is quite large and with my busy workload and family life, I have little time to do the household cleaning duties. I hired the services of WestHampsteadCleaners and I can honestly say that I was in no way disappointed. Their maids are all charming ladies who act with the upmost respect when working in my home. Their prices vary according to what is required of them, but what I can say is that they are very flexible in respect to their work duties and the times of working. I rarely write a review for anyone's services, however, I do feel that this company deserves the praise.
Phil C.26/05/2014
     WestHampsteadCleaners have an excellent house cleaning service. I was worried that my carpets and bathroom were looking grubby, but with such a restrictive work schedule I knew I'd benefit from the help of a professional cleaner. My cleaner always arrives on time and doesn't waste any time getting to work. It's great to come home to clean house and it's even better to know that I don't need to lift a finger in the process! I'll be using this cleaning company in the future because of how brilliant they are! I'm a very happy customer and even my husband and kids are impressed too!
Kerry D.17/04/2014
     My home is not just my home, but it is also my office. As a fashion designer, I spend a lot of time cutting and sewing pieces together. I never know when something on the telly or someone on the street will inspire me to design something, so I am always out and about. This is where WestHampsteadCleaners came in. They come and clean my home on a weekly basis so that I do not have to. They are reliable and friendly, and do not charge me too much. I don't even have to be at home - that's how convenient they are!
Ginny Adams27/03/2014
     It has been hard for me to find a trustworthy home cleaning company in the past. My neighbour recommend WestHampsteadCleaners. She claimed that they provided diligent and comprehensive services at an affordable price. I was suspicious of her claim, but decided to try them. I was pleasantly surprised with the high quality of their service. They were able to customize their schedule to work with my busy routine. They brought all the necessary cleaning agents and were able to finish my one-off cleaning task quickly. I was extremely impressed with their service and will surely hire them in the future.
Akira O.18/02/2014
     WestHampsteadCleaners is just what I was looking for to help me with cleaning my home. I can't fault their service at all - everything from their phone staff to their cleaning techniques was just amazing, and you can definitely tell my house has had a professional clean! I don't have to worry about bacteria or germs anymore and I don't have to waste away my free hours cleaning up! I'm over the moon with this cleaning company and I think everyone should try hiring an expert cleaner from this company as it's so affordable and so professional as well!
Zoe Erwin21/01/2014
     Seemingly, it is harder and harder to find a cleaning company that I trust with my home, as I get reports from various people I know of things going wrong, like stuff going missing, or cleaners just not turning up. However, I feel lucky in that I have always used WestHampsteadCleaners for my domestic cleaning. They have been absolutely amazing this far, and I'm sure that they would be a fantastic addition to anyone's home cleaning. I have recommended them to a few friends, so hope that others will find this review useful!
Edward W.07/01/2014