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02Jun 2014
Bleach - Is There Anything It Can't Do?
Bleach - Is There Anything It Can't Do?Whatever your cleaning task is, there is one cleaning product that you really can’t do without.  Manufacturers, brands, supermarkets etc. are more than willing to sell you specific products for every single item of furniture, furnishing etc. that you can think of.  However, I believe that one of the most important items to be found in your home cleaning supplies cupboard is just your bog standard, run-of-the-mill bleach. Mould: It’s black, it’s persistent and it’s one of the most annoying things every all cleaners have to contend with.  Of course, it is more persistent in some rooms than others and in some types of properties.  You’re more likely to find it in a bathroom than a living room and a student home than an office but nevertheless it is problematic. Bleach can get right to the heart of it.  The trick is to ensure that the bleach is given a chance to work its magic on the mould before being washed away.  It is also important to ensure that you do not expect miracles the first time you use the bleach.  So whether you choose to use bleach on the mould affecting the sealing of your bathroom units or creeping up the pipes in your kitchen or even affecting your window fittings and fixtures; make bleach your first port of call. Bathroom: The bathroom is the room that is the most frequently associated with the use of bleach.  It can be used on basically everything in the room, from the floor tiles to the ceramics and the fittings and fixtures.  I would probably use polish on the mirrors but if bleach is the only thing you have to hand then why not. When it comes to cleaning the bathroom with bleach make sure to make full use of the lathering properties of bleach by ensuring that you cover all the fittings with water and bleach and lather it up. Safety: Yes, bleach is excellent.  But it is also strong.Make sure you cover your skin with rubber gloves and try to not touch the bleach directly as it can irritate your skin.  Use bleach in well ventilated areas so as to ensure that you are avoiding inhaling it as much as possible.  The smell of bleach is a reassuring one as it is the definitive smell of cleanliness but it can very easily make you feel dizzy and light headed and this is not ideal when you still have house cleaning to do.  Make sure you stay hydrated if you are cleaning with a lot of bleach so that if anything has got into your system your body can be in a position to flush it out.   Finally, make every effort to ensure that you don’t get bleach on your clothes.  We might use it in a white wash to get the white back to where it was but our coloured clothes are coloured because we like them that way and it is not ideal to be in a position where your once dark clothes have bizarre pink splodges on.  If you’re anything like me, you’ll put some clothes aside as your cleaning clothes and use them should you deep to do a bit of deep cleaning using bleach. Bleach is not the sort of product that you just whip round the room when you need to do a quick house clean for guests but if you are really committing to giving a room a new lease of life and restoring it to its former glory then perhaps bleach will turn out to be your best friend.